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A close, passionate, and powerful team.

Barrett and Andy have worked together since 2009, representing individuals and businesses in matters both routine and complex. King|Hall was formed to be a leader in fiduciary representation, and our attorneys have appeared before the District and Circuit Courts of Maryland, the Register of Wills and Orphan’s Courts, and the Federal Court for the District of Maryland. The firm assists individual and institutional clients navigating issues, as well as other attorneys in need of litigation opinions or counsel for themselves or their clients.

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Areas of Practice

Wherever your fiduciary role takes you, whenever the need arises, our firm has the experience to provide quality legal representation.


When an individual is or becomes incapacitated without the proper planning in place, it can feel like a tremendous weight on the shoulders of loved ones.

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Fiduciary Representation

Our attorneys have not only guided fiduciaries in carrying out their duties, but have themselves served as trustee, personal representative, attorney-in-fact, and guardian.

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Fiduciary Litigation

Litigation involving fiduciaries can take many paths and may be heard in many different courts.

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